Greg Higgins - Testimonials

Carol and Greg were very helpful, knowledgeable and followed through well on all matters to facilitate my purchase.

I would highly recommend them for their expertise, local kowledge and ability to assist in all aspects as needed.


Carole HIggins of Cygnus Real Estate, and her team of professionals, has been looking after our rental properties for the past two years.

Great folks, professional work, good, timely service. We highly recommend Cygnus to anyone needing help with their property. “

Eldon “Tree” Wright

"Greg and Carole Higgins of Cygnus real estate are the best agents period.

Their knowledge of real estate and how to get a deal done is extraordinary. Lots of agents will tell you whatever they can to get a deal and then they are not able to perform. THe business is full of empty promises from agents looking for a commission. To say that Cygnus real estate goes beyond the call of duty would be a huge understatement. I have been on both sides of a transaction numerous times buying and selling with them on seemingly impossible deals and they got everyone happily to the closing table. I would no longer be in the business without them and I would never consider a real estate deal without their input. I could not recommend Greg and Carole more highly."

Jordan Gutierrez

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